• Model: GRAND
  • Finish: MAH
  • Year of Manufacture: 1795
  • Size: 6’2”
  • Serial #: 1591
  • Price: $5,999.00
  • Location: Atlanta
  • Type: CONS

This is truly a historic piano. Beethoven owned one much like this one and Chopin played a Broadwood piano often at his concerts, including his very last concert. In the 18th and 19th centuries the Broadwood was one of the great names in pianos. The serial number 1591 on this instrument was shown as being built during the years between 1795-1800. However the name of the piano company was recorded as changing to John Broadwood & Sons in 1808. Regardless of this conflict, the piano was most likely built between 1775 and 1808. During those years this larger 6'2" size piano built in London could have been an instrument played by Chopin or Beethoven.